Terry and Laura Dorland

Terry and I loved every detail.  There are so many things on the  video that you caught--things that we did not even see--It was amazing! We also love "Mission Possible" and the baby pictures.  You did more than we could have asked for. Terry and I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication. Love, Terry and Laura Dorland  

Beth and Zach

video-memory, Thank you for making the fantastic video of our wedding.  I know there were some obstacles at the church, but it turned out wonderfully.  I know we will watch it many times as we re-live the ceremony over the years. Thank you for all of your work and effort.  It means a lot to us!  Beth and Zach

Greg and Diane

Dave & Pete, Thank you very much for the video taping of our wedding ceremony and reception.  The video came out beautiful.  You are very talented with all the special effects.  Thank you also for putting together the slide presentation for our reception.  Everyone loved it.  Thanks again for all the work you put into this. Sincerely, Greg and Diane Dubray
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video-memory, Thank you so much for making our wedding day even better! We love our wedding and reception DVD's.  You really did a wonderful job capturing all the moments our day had in store. Everyone who sees our videos love them.  Thanks for everything! Because of you, our day can be seen everyday!  Thanks Again! Julie and Mark Hamski

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Dear Sam and Dave, Thanks for the excellent video of my 50th Anniversary Mass and dinner.  They were very well done and several have complimented on this production.  May the Lord Bless you and your business. Fr. James  McManamon, O.F.M.

Kim and Bob Stein

Dave & Sheri, We can't express how much we appreciate your hard work.  Our wedding video is absolutely amazing.  We love how well you did the pre-wedding and park scenes.  We highly recommend you to anyone. Kim and Bob Stein

Mark and Becky Darmetto

video-memory, Thank you very much for the great job on our video!  You captured the most memorable and joyous occasion, thus far, of our lives. We're sure most ceremonies you record are not as "funny" as ours but we wouldn't want it any other way!  We are so pleased with your work.  Thanks again! Mark and Becky Darmetto
Dear Dave, Thank you again for your fine work in videotaping our show.  We appreciate you and your partners and are grateful for your generosity, skill, time, energy and enthusiastic support! God Bless You! Joe Langa (Holy Name High School)

Helen and Family

David, You have no idea what you did for my family and friends with that over 200 people came to the service of my dad.  When we put on the DVD (plus, I was still able to squeeze into my gold dress), tears were everywhere.  Once the tears stopped, people told us how wonderful it was that we could dance with our father again. Thank you, we love you, Helen and Family
video-memory, Thank you for such a spectacular video!  We never expected anything like this. You saved the day for us. Our photographer turned out to be lousy.  He "forgot" family pictures and many important pictures that are standard at all weddings.  But we have our video that is done so professionally that I cannot say enough.  We can watch it over and over again.  We didn't know we would have different chapters in our video.  It is just made like a regular movie and everything that was important and then some was in the video. Many cute ideas too! I have told many people about you and will continue. It's so nice to pay for something and thoroughly love it!  Our video is priceless now!  If you need referrals, please use us!  You have made us very very happy! Thank you, MaryAnn and Tony Diaz
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