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Pete and Dave,

My family and I just finished watching the video of my daughter's wedding and reception.

We are so pleased with the entire collection.  We have seen several other videos from friends and others and the work that your company did is far better!

You captured so many special moments and we loved the "highlights" portion.  We were so excited, that we sent my daughter's copy overnight express right after we watched it.

I will truely recommend you to anyone who needs a videographer!

Thank you again and Happy Holidays!

Dennis and Cheri Peabody  (2005)




Thank you for putting together a wonderful presentation for our guests at Carrie Cerinos.  You did a great job and we enjoyed working with you!


Lisa and Jason Knise (9-2-05)


From Beth and Zack Traylor (05)

Thank you for making the fantastic video of our wedding.  I know there were some obstacles at the church, but it turned out wonderfully.  I know we will watch it many times as we re-live the ceremony over the years.  Thank you for all of your work and effort.  It means a lot to us!  Beth and Zack


Dear Dave,

Thank you so much for your great work producing our wedding video!  We just love it and we really appreciate the extra effort you made to make it perfect.  We barely even noticed that the camera was rolling, you were so professional and unobtrusive.  We will definitely recommend your business every chance we get.  Nicole Braden Lewis 9-25-04


Dear Sam, Pete and Dave,


Holly and I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our wedding video.  We were very pleased with the way our video turned out.  Additionally, we have received many compliments from our friends and family on the reflection video presentationat our reception.  We are very pleased with our decision to use Video Memory and we will recommend you to others in the future. 


Chris Lawrence (6-19-04)


Dear Dave,

You cannot imagine how excited I am to receive the videos.  It was so much fun working with you.  Thank you for agreeing to do our wedding.  We enjoyed every minute of it.  The reflection video turned out beautifully and I had a blast doing the Elegance Video.  Terry really enjoyed it.  Thanks for asking me to do it...I never would have done it on my own.  Thanks again for everything.

Sincerely,Sandi & Terry Duke (4-17-04)

...Dave, We, parents, thank so much for our copy of the Reflections.  It was so beautifully done and means so much to us.  Sincerely,

Jim & Diane Stevens, Terry & Carol Duke, Sr.



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